Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beyond Bathtime Part 1

Beyond Bath Time by Erin Davis
This book was amazing! It talks about how our culture is feeding us lies about motherhood, and we must learn to recognize the lies and replace them with God's Word on the subject.This is a must read for all Christian women!
Society tells us "children are a burden". "Careers and ministry and marriage {are} too important to risk the strain children would bring....It's a lie that has been whispered into many ears."
"More and more women are choosing childlessness. Others resent their husbands and children because they see them as burdens, a stumbling block to achieve a higher calling. Motherhood is not revered as a sacred role. Career is king. This modern equation leaves little room for children...and it is one of the greatest tragedies of our time" 

"Hidden in the lie of feminism is a heap of lies about motherhood...{they} don't line up with the truth found in God's Word....After all, where has feminism led us? Marriages have broken down. Families have broken down. Children are unparented."

"Because our flesh tends to fight for our own "rights", even those who trust the Bible may bristle at the premise that having children is not a choice we should base strictly on our own desires...If we look to the Bible, we find that making choices rooted in selfishness, fear or comfort is not the life God calls us to"

"By foregoing prayer and Bible study and neglecting to seek wise, Christian guidance in this are of our lives, we are essentially saying  that the decision to have children is ours to control."

"Many of us have made the same  mistake Eve made in the garden. We are willing to accept others' viewpoints-in her case the serpent's- without checking the Word of God."

"Christian mothers carry their children in public in hostile territory. When you are in public with them, you are standing with and defending the objects of cultural dislike. You are publicly testifying that you value what God values, and that you refuse to value what the world values."

"Until we know how we've been deceived, we can't weed out the old lies and replace them with God's truth. We must take this step so our hearts can become fertile soil in which God can plant the seeds of His truth." 

"This isn't an issue of staying home versus working. It's an issue of how we view motherhood at its core."

"The important question is. 'Will I allow God to use the circumstances of my life and my family to accomplish great things for His kingdom?'

"There are two main messages  coming from our culture. First, that motherhood is a distraction from what should be important to me-myself. Second, if a woman does chose motherhood, the only way for it to have meaning of value is to do it better than anyone a supermom who has a perfect house, perfect husband, perfect job and perfect kids...And the lie that perfection is the goal of mothering-or is even possible- has put many of us into bondage....You can not mother perfectly . But that has never been the goal. You can mother with  purpose because Christ has promised that where you are weak, He is strong...How would the world change if you let yourself move away from the notion that you need to mother perfectly and toward the radical idea that motherhood challenges are a gift because they clear a path for God to work in and through you?"

"Paul {in Titus 2} urges the church to teach women how to mother by using God's Word. He reveals that great mothering is learned, it is not intuitive...It comes by doing the hard work of seeking God's truth on mothering, and making the countercultural choice to pursue motherhood as a high and holy calling."

"Motherhood for motherhood's sake wont leave any of us more fulfilled than working just to work. But understanding your God-given purpose and embracing that purpose does lead you to fulfillment. Knowing God's truth and putting it into practice is the only way to fill the void."

The  truth is that being a mom wont make you holy, and simply bearing children won't give you purpose. You don't become a better person by just bringing a baby home. Only God can make you holy."
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